Birthday Cake!

My daughter's Birthday cake this year - made by Cake is a Good thing!




Tonight I met a butterfly

...that likes to hunt and eat butterflies.

I had SO much fun with this session. We did lots of pics of her and big brother too...but I have to admit, the butterfly hunting was my favorite. I love the last two pictures because when I asked her what she was going to do with the butterflies, she said EAT THEM! And proceeded to pretend to eat the butterflies. Too funny!

What a great session! A wonderful session for my first session back from vacation!


There are few sesssions that touch my heart quite like this one did. Alexandria Olivia Boutique took an amazing idea and turned it into reality. These girls are wearing dresses of their father's or in some case their grandfather's military uniforms. When Alicia asked me to do this session and donate it to the military families I knew that it would be special. And I was right. Remember, EVERY day is Independance Day because of what the service men and women in our country have done and continue to do for us each and every day. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them.



Stunning doesn't even begin to cover it.  I don't usually do "vintage" shoots because i'm not a huge fan of muted color. So I did a little of both.  I LOVE them so much.  What a knockout!