The Diva and her little brothers

We had a lovely session tonight...the Diva had lots of wardrobe changes!  I LOVED hearing that she looks at my blog every day and longs for the day she can see her lovely face on here!  Well, here it is gorgeous!  Oh...I put some of your cute little brothers on here too!!

Joey {Senior 2011 - Gillespie}

I had a seriously amazing session with this kid. He had the best eyes and brows I've ever seen! Wow...I couldn't stop editing his sneak peaks! I hope you love them as much as I do Joey!



I had so much fun with this little stinker tonight!  He LOVED the park but wasn't so hot about the sitting for pictures thing.  What a cute little blondie!  Thank you for letting me capture your big personality...I love the great shots we got!


Homecoming 2010

My session with this lovely girl went so great tonight!  Her mom told me they loved to watch America's Next Top Model and I can see she might have learned a thing or two from that show!  She needed little to no direction from me and was giving me the best poses!  She's a natural!  Wow...thank you for such a great session...it was hard to choose which ones to use as sneak peaks...I think I might have gone a little sneak peak crazy!