I'm One!!!

I love taking pictures of 1 year olds. They are so willing to put up with all the silly things you want them to wear and what you want them to do...they just go with the flow! This adorable girl was no exception. What a beautiful little thing she is! I was so excited that I got to use my new tutu and hat from Banana Split Boutique. That girl makes some AMAZING stuff! I also threw in a pair of baby legs! What a little model she was! I enjoyed this session so much. Her older sister had the face of an angel! I could have followed her around all day taking pictures. I was kicking myself for not bringing my big lens because when she thought I wasn't looking at her, she would give me a split second for a great shot. It would have helped if I could have been further away! Lesson learned...ALWAYS bring the big guns. Looking forward to editing this session and seeing what kind of treasures I find!!!


So many pictures...So little time

I wish there were about 10 more hours in the day to edit pictures! I hate that people have to wait 1-2 weeks for me to get them back but I am so obssessive compulsive about my editing. I want everything to be just so...here are a couple of shots from a session I did a while back that I'm just now finishing. (Thank you for being so patient Hollie! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!)


My new favorite prop!!!

I am so excited about the pom pom rug props I am making! These things are SO neat on film! It took me a long time to make the first one but after I got the hang of it, it's not so bad! I made the second one while watching movies last night. My daughter said to me "I never want to see yarn again". LOL I felt like I was running a sweat shop for children when she said that. All I really need them for is to help me tie the knots twice on each pom pom and to feed me the yarn. I might have to think of some way to do them on my own so my kids don't call me in for child labor laws. LOL! Anyway, they're DELISH! Love them!

(And of course, I had to try one out on one of my favorite clients yesterday! Lucas never disappoints me with those big baby blues!)

This is the one I made last night while watching movies. FUN!


One Word...Beautiful

I had a wonderful session today with literally one of the most gorgeous families I have ever seen! I feel lucky to have had the chance to get them in front of my lens. It was a great time from beginning to end and I loved their energy so much. I walked away knowing I got some awesome shots, and hope that they will love what we were able to capture. I've said it before...and I'll say it again. I am SO blessed.


This kid is SERIOUSLY adorable

I had so much fun today with this kid...he is extremely photogenic, full of energy and just LIVELY! I loved every second of it! It's so hard sometimes to get kids to engage with you...and even look at you at times. Not with this guy! He was a blast...I am LOVING the shots I got of him and his gorgeous boxer, Oreo!

Some people just "fit"

And this couple, just fits...It had been so long since I've taken photos of a couple, I forgot how much I enjoy it! I love watching people that love each other interact together. I don't even want to ask them to pose or do anything special...just like to say "be natural" because those are the best pictures of all. What a sweet couple...they seemed very much in love and I really enjoyed my time with them today.


Such a beautiful day for photographs!

Today was absolutely ideal for taking pictures! I was so excited when I saw the field behind my client's yard today...I knew that if I could get the kids in that field, I could get some amazing shots! What beautiful children! I had an amazing time with them.


Lovely Day for Pictures!

I had a GREAT session with one of my absolutely favorite families today. Well, FOUR families actually! I've only started to edit them so I want to post a few of the family that are my "regulars". I love every chance I get to get them in front of my lens! There will be more added to this blog of the other families soon!

Look how much these girls adore their daddy!

A whole lot of "Horsing Around"

I had a great session with the "G" Family. The little girl was quite a little model, throwing me lots of poses. Her little brother was much more intereted in the rocks and the dog...we got some great shots. The location was amazing (Grandma's House) and it was my first session with a horse. I am terrified of horses but they are so beautiful...I couldn't help but pet this one.

Procrastination is NOT my friend

It's been a while since I blogged. I've been working feverishly on editing three sessions and I'm getting behind! I need to get my you-know-what into gear because I have three more sessions this weekend!

So, this is a session I did a while back...my favorite part was capturing the sisters when they thought I wasn't looking. Let's be honest, those are ALWAYS the best shots! I wish I could have had another hour with these girls just following them around and watching them play!

Watching the girls made me think about my little sister and how close we are now that we are grown. There's nothing like the love between sisters, is there? It's an unbreakable bond. I can see these two in 20 years being the best of friends...after many years of laughter, fights, and tears.

And then there is their handsome little brother. I chuckle when I wonder how many times in his life he will hear "Matthew! Get out of my room!!! Girls Only!"

And this picture reminded me of why I've been DYING to take photographs of a beautiful red head!