Hi Mr. Blue Eyes!

I had such a nice time with "C" today...especially when he kept flashing me those big baby blues!  It was a nice end to a really great day :-)

Oh Little Miss Personality...

I adore Baby "A"...she is so much fun to take photographs of.  I literally could have done just that all day with her!  I was just thinking about how excited I am to do her one year pictures.  She is going to be sooooo much fun with a cake!!!

Such a cutie!

"A" is such a cutie...the spitting image of his Daddy.  We had such a good time today...and this boy LOVES his watermelon.  He was saying "mmmmmmmmmmm" the entire time he was eating it! :-)

A fantastic End of Summer Session!

I'm going to break these two sessions down into three blogs because we got SO many great shots!  I did a 9 month session today for A.  She, as I expected she would be, did BEAUTIFULLY!  I don't know what it is about this baby girl but I just cannot get enough of that face!  Then we did a session with her cousin who just turned two!  He was a little shy but such a cute little man!  And then we did some shots of them together (which were my faaaaaavorite!) I think it was the perfect session to end out the Summer.  I won't miss the HEAT but I'll miss being able to get shots like this until next Summer!



I had so much fun at the Firestation today with Q & B :-)  Thank you so much to the guys who let us in this morning and let us use their stuff!  I love living in a small town!  To top it all off, Q (who wants to be a fireman) got to go on his very first firetruck ride (Thank you Cory!!!).  What a great day! 

and we ended our session at the park!!!!!


I am so excited for Fall! I love it...I love everything about it. I love the way it smells. I love the weather. I love all the beautiful colors. I adore the Fall holidays. But mostly I love... FOOTBALL!!! I am so happy Football season is here! And here's a shot of my favorite Freshman Football Player playing his first game of the season. I am beaming with pride, excitement and FOOTBALL LOVE!!!!


What a blast!

I had a REALLY good time at tonight's session.  I'm only going to post two of my favorites because I am just so in love with both photographs.  It was my first time doing the silhouettes and I love how it turned out.  Great kids.  Awesome Mom.  Fun Time!



Guess who's family will be growing by TWO FEET!!!!!

I can't tell you yet...but you'll know soon :-)