The Mighty B's are ONE!

I just adore the Mighty B's.  They've gotten SO big since the last time I've photographed them.  Aren't they just the sweetest?  Happy Birthday Gorgeous Girls!



Nat is one of my best friends.  We met at work years ago and she has been making me laugh ever since.  She has a beautiful family!!  I had a great time with her today and it made me realize that I REALLY missed her and we have to start getting together more often!  Her boys are just so sweet and I enjoyed my time with them today.  Her husband is in the active military and is going to be going to Afghanistan for a tour.  Talking with her about it today made me realize how much families sacrifice for our country and the magnitude of what that sacrifice really means.  Keep their family and every family who has a member in Iraq or Afghanistan in your prayers!


This chick has had three children. Yep...and she looks amazing. I think every woman should have a photo shoot to make themselves feel great! What a gorgeous girl and I had a lovely time at our session!!


I Heart Faces Fix it Friday

I am loving the Facebook Page "I heart faces".  They do a "Fix It Friday" where you get to edit a SOOC photo and then see how all the different photographers edited it.  FUN!  Here is my version.  NOTE:  This picture was NOT taken by me...only edited by me!



I'm feeling especially thankful tonight to have a job I love so much.  If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would be doing what I love and be able to make a living doing it, I never would have believed you.  Everytime someone asks me if I am "Sugar Petunia" it makes my heart smile.  I rarely go anywhere without someone asking about my photography or telling me how much they enjoy my blog.  When I started this blog I literally thought I was the only one who was looking at it.  I still can't believe it when people tell me that they check my blog all the time for new pictures.  I am so happy how my first year went and so excited to see where my second year takes me.  And my third.  And my fourth.  And so on.  THANK YOU so much for all of the support and kindness shown to me by not only my clients, but people who I run into when I'm out eating dinner with my family; when I'm picking my daughter up from school...who take the time to tell me how much they enjoy my work.  It is SO rewarding to create something that people enjoy!  I'm a lucky duck!


Miss B

Miss "B" might just be a little bit of a Diva.  She most definitely didn't like me following her around with my camera. In her defense it was a tad on the chilly side today.  Luckily, even her pouty face is just absolutely beautiful!  I had a great time with her today and am looking forward to our next (warmer) shoot this Summer!