Happy Chinese New Year!

I had the absolute pleasure of celebrating Chinese New Year with six of the prettiest little girls last night.  They get together every year.  They were all adopted in a group in China a few years ago and the parents decided to celebrate together yearly.  It was SO much fun.  I loved seeing a picture of them when they were little babies on the wall and then watching them all play together.  It was really neat.  We took lots of pics of them just "playing" but I'm going to post some we took outside before the party started.  They were all so great.  One girl (you'll know which one as soon as you look at the pictures) was strikin' poses like she was auditioning on America's Next Top Model...and let me tell you, she "has it".  Her mom needs to find her an agent :-)  What a cool session.  Thanks Girls!


Happy Birthday "S"

We had a break in the SUPER cold weather and took advantage of it today!  "S" was a tad bit cranky but you wouldn't know it by the shots that we got.  She was laughing with a sad face and crying with a smile.  What a little pumpkin!  I hope she has a Happy First Birthday!  I had a great time with her!


Happy Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Lucca. I'll be honest, he was SO not into me today. And he definitely wasn't into the cold. But we got a couple of shots. He's such a cutie pie - even when he's not smiling!

I'm sorry - but she is just TOO sweet!


I ♥ Mr. W

I'm rather smitten with Mr. W.  He was such a sweet baby.  I could have taken his pictures all day long.  And I loved watching his mommy with him...there is nothing sweeter than a new mom with her little boy.  I could feel how much she adored him...it was lovely.  What a great session!


What a doll!

Baby A was SO good at our session this morning!  Mom and Grandma were so much help (whew!) not that she was difficult.  She was quite sweet.  If she would have been up for it, I would have taken pictures of her all day!!  Such a pretty little doll.  She brought so many gorgeous things!  Thank you for making me smile today Little "A".  I can't wait until our next session!!!