This is the finished product.  Sorry about the crappy pic - it was dark in here and I didn't feel like getting out my flash.  Picture of a picture isn't that great.  LOL  Plus instant prints aren't always the best.  Okay, they're NEVER the best.  Next year I'll give myself more time. But I'm still VERY happy with her valentines.  She LOVES them!


I don't know if you've ever checked out Pinterest but YOU MUST!  I get the greatest ideas from there!  This is my daughter's valentine for her classmates.  I will cut a slit where her hand is and stick a lollipop in there.  How fun is that????


Happy Birthday S.J.!

Happy birthday to one beautiful blue eyed baby girl!  I can't wait to meet your baby brother or sister!  You have so much to teach them (like how to do a photo shoot!)  You did great!!! 

Get it Mommy!

The Mighty B's are Back!

Oooohhh how I love these girls.  They are turning 2 and I just can't believe how much they've grown from those two tiny newborns I met two years ago.  I adore you B's...and I think it's pretty cool that I came up with your nickname when you were just tiny newborns.  The MIGHTY B's...and you really are.  You are so lucky to have an amazing strong Momma.  She is doing such a great job with you.  I love watching you grow up!

Uh oh...my balloon!

Get it Mommy!

Such a sweet girl

I can honestly say this was the EASIEST newborn session I've ever done. Not that any of them are ever really EASY. As most photographers know, newborns sessions are twice as long, and require 100 times more patience than any other session. You're usually inside searching for adequate lighting, the baby is usually fussy at least a portion of the time and you spend a lot of time trying to get their hands from in front of their face...hehehehee...plus you have to be the ultimate baby whisperer. Well, Miss D was as good as gold. She slept most of the time. She calmed when I put one hand on her head and the other patting her little bottom. She was just perfect. I'm thinking that's probably what mommy and daddy think of her too. She wasn't due until Valentine's Day...but she decided to come early. And we're so glad she's here. I want to say THANK YOU again to her family. Her dad did two tours in Iraq and we're all so thankful he is back home with his beautiful wife and new baby girl! Thank you for your service!



I honestly think I could do this the rest of my life and NEVER capture anything that comes close to how this photograph makes me feel.  It is so beautiful it almost hurts to look at.  And I took part in creating this.  How lucky am I?  Wow.


Alexandria Olivia Boutique

I did a shoot for Alexandria Olivia Boutique's new Spring collection - Springtime in Paris. This woman is RIDICULOUSLY talented. Seriously. Wow. My daughter joined in on the fun and the girls were such troopers (it was NOT warm here that day!) - enjoy her beautiful collection!