What a gorgeous family...seriously. Some people have all the luck :-)


I cried so many times at this wedding.  I'm pretty sure I had overactive tear ducts that day or something.  What an amazing family.  What a beautiful bride...and the groom...*sigh*...he is so in love with his bride.   What a lucky girl.  Okay, he's pretty lucky too...she's so lovely.  Loved everything about this day!

Watch me Grow

I have so much enjoyed watching Miss S grow from a newborn to a 6 month old sweetie!  We had a fun session and she has the CUTEST clothes!!!  What a beautiful girl!


Miss M

Here is part two of Miss M's session!


I think the second time was a charm with these two cuties.  I had such a great morning with them.  I love photographing these girls because they are both just so photogenic and fun.  What a great looking family...we beat the heat and I'm so happy with how they turned out!



I can't think of another word to discribe this little cutie!!  What a doll face!  And I think I finally found my daughter's soul mate because her older brother LOOOOOVED to talk.  I had to laugh with his mom because I know EXACTLY how she feels.  When they first got there he told me he was shy (it only took a couple minutes for me to realize he was fibbing!)  What a sweet brother and sister.  Loved our session!