I've been a BAD Blogger!

I've been a terrible blogger these past couple of weeks!  It's such a busy time around here during the holidays.  Tons of Christmas pictures being taken, lots of yummy cookies being made, a ton of shopping being done and preparations being made, etc.  I will try to make up for it and give you a blog that pretty much covers the last couple of weeks.  Thank you to all of my amazing clients.  I seriously cherish each and every one of you and the fact that it is because of YOU I have had another amazing year doing what I love...well...I just can't thank you enough.

Remember this season during all the hustle and bustle, during all the present wrapping, the cookie baking, the craziness of it all...that it only takes minutes of your time to GIVE. Whether that means dropping a couple of dollars into the red bucket, donating coats to the less fortunate, taking a plate of cookies over to a neighbor that is alone during the holidays, or just taking the time to show someone that you care. What seems like "not that big of a deal" to you might change someone's holiday. Might change their life. Might give them hope. Or warmth. Or Love. These gifts have no price tag. They are precious beyond words. And you have a treasure chest full of them inside of you. Share them.


Oh So Posh is having a GIVEAWAY!

The owner of Oh So Posh is pretty much the most giving person on the planet. Honestly. She gives with no expectations or promises of payback. She gives from her heart and her soul and it is honestly so humbling to see. I am SO EXCITED for the lucky winner of this Nikon D90!!! What a great camera. What an amazing woman. THANK YOU Lidia for being so amazing!

PS - Did I mention her actions are soooo lovely?