There you are!

I thought I posted these eons ago but a friend asked me where she could find them and I realized I hadn't posted them at all!!  So here is one of the cutest little blue-eyed-boys I know!  Sorry for the wait Mom!  I could have sworn I posted them!

Well Worth It...

Baby it's COLD outside...but these shots made it well worth it.  This gorgeous family is so sweet it makes my teeth hurt!  I love taking pictures of them.  This beautiful family of three will be a beautiful family of four in May!  Like there wasn't enough gorgeousness in one place already!  Also, I have to say, that was the fastest session EVER.  It's amazing how quick you can be when you're freezing your behind off!!!

LOVE this family!!!

I had a great session with one of my favorite families this week! I've been taking pictures of the little one since he was a newborn and I love every opportunity I have to get him in front of my camera. I just love that face!!! Thanks for another great session! I adore your sweet little family!



O & K

I had so much fun today with these two kiddies!  What a couple of gorgeous munchkins!  "O" had the funniest little cheezy smile but when she thought you weren't looking or when she was just being herself instead of sitting for me and forcing a smile, she was STUNNING.  "K" was a natural with his little smirk.  Thank you for so much fun!  What a gorgeous day it was!