Crazy Love

I had to put this song on my blog because when I was taking photographs of my little brother and his family yesterday, I couldn't get it out of my head. I feel blessed to have been able to capture some beautiful and intimate moments between these amazing people. I always knew that my brother was special. He wasn't like other little boys his age. He was so sweet...and he was so much fun. I think of all my siblings (and I have quite a few) we were the closest when we were kids. I always knew he was going to grow up to be a really great man. But I think I underestimated HOW great. Everything he's done has made me so proud to call him my brother. And I am overjoyed that he found someone that completes him so perfectly. I love you little brother...and I am so glad I got to be your big sister!

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!

The first time I laid eyes on her, I couldn't wait to get "C" in front of my camera.  She has one of those faces I am just drawn to.  I was wishing and hoping her mom would set up an appointment with me!  We did some family pictures and her birthday pictures this weekend.  She was such a little trooper even though it was a little bit chilly.  I kept asking her questions just so I could hear her answer in that cute little voice!  Thank you so much for such a fun session!  I loved it!



We had such a nice evening for these family pictures. I have known this lovely lady since I was a young girl and it was so neat to be able to take her family's photographs. I loved watching her with her husband because they were like a couple of kids. She said they hadn't seen each other in a few days and it was so sweet to see them interacting with each other. It melted my heart. Thanks for such a lovely evening! You've got a wonderful family!

Alina ~ Senior 2011

I have to give Alina props for battling the chill this weekend for her Senior session. I guess it's time for me to put away the flip flops for the year! Her dad came and took photos of me taking photos of her...which was a first for me. And totally sounds like something I would do. :-) Thanks for the great session!



I loved Josh's contagious smile.  And his goofiness :-)  Thanks for climbing trees and across creeks for me! :-)