Happy Birthday Red!

ACK!  I love taking pictures of this beautiful little girl!  Seriously...if I had it my way, I'd be her personal photographer everyday.  She has the sweetest face...and is just SO funny.  Love her to pieces!!!  What a cute little Tinkerbell!


I LOVE this family!  My friend K and her husband are great people...and even more importantly, amazing parents.  I don't care what you accomplish in life...as long as you are a good parent.  The rest means nothing...big houses, fast cars, lots of "stuff".  Nada.  I look at these two and their three gorgeous kids that they absolutely adore...that they always put before themselves...and it makes me so happy.  I loved our session guys...I look forward to watching these three beautiful babies (and maybe more future babies?) grow up!

Girls Girls Girls

These girls were SO much fun to take pictures of!  They all remind me so much of their Mom (who I've known since we were in school together).  Can you imagine having four girls just like you?  I have one that acts just like me (and one that acts like her daddy thank goodness) and that's about too much for me to take.  For all the drama, tears, slammed doors, etc. that you get from girls, the blessings are tenfold.  Thanks for such a fun session girls!


I had a great time with these two and their mom this weekend!  I coached L in t-ball and he is seriously just the sweetest kid.  Thanks for a great session kids!

Happy Birthday Miss A!

I ADORE taking pictures of this little firecracker!  The personality on this one...she's so much fun!  Happy Birthday Sugar!