Senior 2011

You all know how much I ADORE babies...and toddlers...and OMG kids.  LOVE THEM.  But when I get ahold of a Senior session...I am SO excited.  I LOVE them.  I had an amazing session with this GORGEOUS chickadee!  It really was NOT hard to make her look amazing.  She did most of the work.  It threatened to rain on us several times.  Okay, it did rain on us, but we stuck it out and I'm so glad we did.  We got some really great shots!!!


Happy Birthday!

I will admit it...I had trouble turning my lens toward anybody else at this party other than the Birthday Boy.  He was absolutely the most handsome little thing.  Those eyes...that hair!!!  He seemed to be enjoying the attention too.  I was worried that this party would get rained out but it stopped literally the second the party started.  Happy Birthday A!  I LOVED taking pictures of you!!!

I looooove the momma love!


This family...just gorgeous.  I don't think I could have taken a bad photograph of them if I had tried.  Their little one was so sweet.  I loved every single picture I captured of him.  What a blessing!!



Sweet Baby G

I just loved my session with this little Rip Van Winkle...he slept the entire time (right until mommy was about to put him in his carseat to leave).  He is just SO gorgeous!  We had a lot of fun (he just doesn't know it because he was snoozing!)

I bet he's even cuter when he's awake!!!


I'm so excited to see everything getting green.  Loving the dandelions, pretty colors, and short sleeves.  I had a great session with this adorable family.  They've got quite the little man on their hands. SO much fun!



I loved taking pictures of this great family!  What gorgeous kids (and the adults were pretty cute too!)  It was a beautiful day!  Those are few and far between right now so I really enjoyed it!