These brothers were just too cute!  Baby brother was a little bit fussy when we were outside but as soon as we got in, he was all smiles!  Guess he didn't like the chilly weather!  No smiles from big brother but he's got those gorgeous big brown eyes...so that's okay. I love the photo of big brother holding his baby brother while he's crying. I can't tell if he was trying to sooth him or bored.  Either way, what cuties!

How sweet!

Well it really doesn't get much sweeter than this does it? Two beautiful sisters. I had such a great time with these girls. We were lucky to be able to go outside for just a little while too...it was chilly but Big Sister was able to handle it with a smile. Thank you for such a great session girlies!



Overlays are fun!



I find it completely sweet that these lovely siblings came to me and asked me to do a "Secret Mother's Day Session" for their mom for Mother's Day.  And even though little brother swore he hates getting his picture taken, he was so completely photogenic and smiley!  I asked first to make sure it wouldn't be spoiling the surprise if I posted them here so hopefully mom never sees this blog...but if she does, she will have further proof of what beautiful kids she has!  I have had the pleasure of knowing this girl for a while and she is one of the most geniune girls I've ever met.  I really had a blast at this session.  Love when sessions remind me of why I do what I do.  For the love of it!


Happy 4th Birthday "C"!

Wow...she was pretty amazing. "C" modeled for me like most adults can't even model. She was sooooo good at this. It was almost scary. Watch out mom...she is every bit as beautiful and amazing as her big sister. I had such a great time with her. She was so sweet...I couldn't have asked for a more polite, more lovely little girl to photograph. Loved every second of it!


"K" has found her tongue

...and it's quite adorable.  I took her pictures a few months ago and literally cannot believe how big she's getting!  She was such a sweet little thing yesterday.  She didn't fuss or complain about ANYTHING...okay, except the tea cup but so would you if someone was trying to fit your booty into something the size of an oversized tea cup.  I absolutely LOVED taking pictures of her...could have done it all day!  Mommy brought the cutest little outfits and K was up for (almost) anything I put her in, on, and around.  Those eyes too!  *sigh*...what a stunning little girl.