B's 2-2 Train Birthday!

I have been photographing this little scoundrel since he was a newborn baby.  He was my first ever newborn session as a matter of fact.  Wow...that blows my mind a little.  He's grown up to be the sweetest little man.  And smart...whoa is he smart!  I had fun chasing him and, as always, my favorite shots were the in between shots when nobody thought I was shooting.  It never fails.  I love ya Big B!  Happy Birthday!  You are TOOOOO amazing!

Gorgeous Family

What a gorgeous little family.  It was a beatiful morning and we took full advantage of it.  Mr. C loved playing in the fountain.  How he managed to stay dry, I'll never know.  I had a great time at this session.  Mr. C. always gives me the best smiles.  And those eyes!  *sigh*


Marry Me

I love my little brother.  I always wondered what kind of a girl he was going to grow up and marry with him having so many sisters and all.  Well, he's getting married in December...and he's marrying one phenomenal girl.  I had so much fun (and lots of laughs) with these two.  We decided to finish the session another day because we had an overcast day downtown but we got some cute shots before the light left us...Love you Do-Yay and I couldn't have picked a more perfect girl for you.

"M" Family

This session was so much fun.  What a great family!  We got to see some amazing horses and had some really funny moments (like when one of them tried to eat the boy's shirt).  The weather was to die for.  I almost had forgotten what it was like to take pictures and not be dripping with sweat and constantly wiping the fog off of my lens from the humidity.  Thank you so much to the M family for asking me to do their family pictures!  I was honored.

Happy Birthday P!

I had such a great session with Mr. P.  He has the most infectious smile.  I've known his mom since she was younger than he is so it is so neat to get to take her kids' pictures (although it does make me feel old, I confess).  Thanks Mr. P...I hope you had a great birthday and you are honestly the cutest!