I love the kiddies!

One reason I think I LOVE this job so much is because I just REALLY love kids. I know people say that all the time...that they love kids. But I mean it! I love everybody's kids! One hour with them and I want to take them home with me. These two were no exception! Another wonderful session with another beautiful family and some amazing kids!

What a beautiful day!

It was a beautiful day for pictures! The day started out with a cancellation...poor little thing got hurt while getting ready for pictures. But I got a last-minute reschedule later in the day. I was so glad because it was a cool day (for this time of year) and I was hoping to get a session in. I had a wonderful time with these two sisters and their mom! The little one LOVED having her pictures taken! When we were done she was begging me to do more! What a doll she is! The older sister claims she hates the camera but as you can see, the feeling is NOT mutual. She is just stunning and the camera ADORES her!!


What a cutie!

I had a great session this morning with B and her mommy and daddy. I was at a loss when it came to making her smile but we got some really great shots of her. What a cute little ham. She was totally rocking the tutu!



What a gorgeous group of sisters! The eyes on these girls are just unbelievable...a photographer's dream! I had a wonderful, albeit HOT, time with the "sisters" today. I'm still laughing thinking about the only song that got the littlest one to smile...



Let's Gooooo Swimming!

I had SO much fun with Blaine today. He is a HAM and loves the camera as much as it loves him! And how TO DIE FOR was this pool? OMG!

Favorites from before I blogged

I was looking through some of my sessions from before I blogged and wanted to share some of my favorites. It's so cool to me that I just started this venture a few short months ago. Besides taking pictures of my own kids...

and my sister's belly...

Vinny was one of my first actual photo shoots. When I look at the pictures now I wonder what I would do different now after a few months of experience...but I still love the rawness of the pictures from that day...

Some of my friends were kind enough to let me take their pictures even though I'm sure they had their reservations on whether I was a decent photographer or not...LOL...

Looking through these just makes me proud of all I have accomplished in the last eight months..when, I can honestly say, I'd never picked up a camera bigger than a $100 point-and-shoot. I know great things are in my future...whether they are photography related or not. If this all ended today and I was never asked to do one more session, I would still be taking pictures of my beautiful babies and enjoying every second of it!