Chillin' on a Dirt Road

I had so much fun with this Edwardsville Senior!  We had the most perfect setting.  It was really so much fun.  I could have taken pictures of her all day! 

She is absolutely STUNNING!


S. J. is Nine Months Old!

It certainly doesn't seem like nine months ago when I first met Little S.J.  We weren't sure we'd get to take her pictures today because it's been so rainy outside but we got them done before the rain.  She was in a such a good mood!  And such a beautiful little thing.  Adore her!

Senior 2012

I can fully appreciate a sweet, quiet girl who knows how to rock it out when she needs to.  I had such an amazing session with this Senior!  She was a complete blast!  I love that she showed all of her "sides" in these pictures!  Thank you so much for a great senior session!  Hope you love them!


These girls are just the sweetest. S, who usually never wants her pictures taken, was hamming it up for me! R was just NOT in the mood and either was her baby sister F. But we managed to get some really cute shots of them. Be sure to check out the last one. It's my favorite. I always laugh going through the pictures because the "perfect ones" where everybody is looking at me and smiling are few and far between sometimes. They mostly look like the last one. :-) Hope that's a picture their mom will treasure forever.


This cracks me up so much!



I think KNOCKOUT would probably be the best word I can think of for this 2012 Senior.  She was SO easy to photograph.  She knew exactly what I wanted her to do with no guidance from me.  I can't tell you how amazing that is for a photographer.  This girl turns heads...and probably breaks necks.  What a fun session!  I couldn't choose my favorites!!!!