Orange you glad you got some great pictures???

I LOVED this session! It was hot and Henry wasn't exactly in the mood to get his pictures taken but I wouldn't change a thing about the shots we got! I have to say to Mom - Orange is DEFINITELY your color! It photographs well too. WOW! I got some amazing shots of the girls too! LOVED the tutus! What gorgeous little ladies you are! And Henry, you had me at Hot Dog ;-)

Thanks to this beautiful family for letting me get them in front of my lens again!!


Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

I had a lovely session with these beautiful sisters today. I have to say that the dress with the geckos on it was one of the cutest dresses I've ever seen!! We got a ton of great shots tonight. I must admit though, it was HOT...and made me look forward to Fall just that much more!!


Sometimes things just CLICK

And this session was one of those times. The kids were absolutely gorgeous and SO easy to work with. I had so much fun at this shoot...I could have taken a thousand more pictures of them!

Sooooo much fun!


Ribfest 2010

A friend of mine asked me to take pictures of the bands at Ribfest this year and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it or not. I enjoy doing family photography and I'm all about the kiddies so I wasn't sure if it was something I'd enjoy. I had a GREAT time (too great of a time) that night and really enjoyed taking pictures of these awesome local bands!

Check out: Blue Magoo, the Five & Dimers and Dogtown Allstars. They give great music!