Happy Birthday Roo!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing girl. I remember a year ago I was SOOOOO upset...they wouldn't let me come in the hospital to see you. I was crying...I was so mad! It was torture knowing you were in the world and I couldn't know you...even if it was for just a couple of days.  I couldn't take it anymore...I went to that hospital and pretended to be your mom's step-mom. I wouldn't have cared if they arrested me after I got to see you. And over the past year you have hugged and kissed and goofy-smiled your way right in the middle of my heart. I never knew I could love a baby so much that wasn't mine. I am GIDDY with excitement thinking about watching you grow to be a toddler...and a girl...and a woman. I PROMISE you I will be there for every bit of it. I LOVE YOU RUBY!!!!!

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  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. Tori said just think today a year ago, you were hanging out at the hospital. That's right. I was there before 7 a.m. and stayed until about 1 a.m. - I would have stayed a month to see that precious little baby. I couldn't believe when Don held up only six fingers for pounds, because she had the cutest chubby cheeks and her legs were "filled out" much like the rest of the families! Ha...she is such a good baby. Wasn't it just yesterday, it was her momma's first birthday! Enjoy these special children when they are small - it goes so quickly!