My babies

Well...four out of my five babies anyway.  This house has been SICK for a couple of days now so I thought we'd take advantage of the beautiful day and get outside.  Of course, it was a perfect opportunity to take a few snapshots of the kids playing.  I don't like to let those opportunities pass me by often.  My oldest son was off playing basketball, and as much as I would have liked to follow my highschool age child to the park to get some shots of him and his buddies playing, I do want him to speak to me again someday and the amount of grief it would cause him for me to be caught taking pictures of him playing would be catastrophic.  Hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous day!

My girlies love the dirt!

What can only be described as my husband's "game face"

How handsome is this child, I ask you?

Isn't she lovely?

The irony is not lost on me that my baby girl is applying lipgloss while digging for worms

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