What a difference 2 weeks can make...

When you're a first time mom, what a difference two weeks can make. All of the things that you thought were important...the things you thought were worthy of worry or stress, Gone. Your priorities...jumbled all around...nothing seeming to be even close to as important as this tiny little 8 lb. human being. And LOVE....HA! You thought you knew what that meant. How all that changes in an instant. For two weeks you have loved beyond words. The word almost doesn't do your feelings justice.

I had such a lovely time with Baby "O". She has this full head of dark hair. She was just so beautiful. Almost hurt to look at her. I am so lucky I get my baby fixes whenever I want!! Having four kids, and being DONE, these little baby fixes are soooo much fun for me.

Thank you Baby O.  You truely are one beautiful little girl!

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