I can't tell you how proud I am of my newphew, Scott.  I've always known he was great.  I knew he was kind, and sweet.  I knew he was smart.  I knew he had a great attitude about life and a good head on his shoulders.   But not until recently did I realize how absolutely proud I could be of him.  After graduating from college, he has decided that the path he would like to take in life is pointing him towards the Air Force.  In a couple of short weeks he will be leaving for basic training.  This weekend we had a going away party for him to celebrate him.  The pride on his mom's face was enough to light up the entire campground.  I know she's worried.  I know she is scared.  But I also know she is PROUD above every other feeling that she is having right now.  She has raised an amazing guy.  I'd be proud too!  I want to thank her for giving me such a high standard to live up to when raising my sons.  And I want to thank Scotty for his service to our country.  Love you both so much!

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