I'm Four!

Had a great session with the Birthday Girl today. I was dying for her to put on her boots, grab her balloons and lollipop, and head outside. The plan was to take pictures inside, which we did, but of course, all of my favorites are the ones we took outside.

Laney is always a joy to photograph. The best pictures I get of her are ones where she's not paying attention to me. When she is, she gives me a little silly smile. When she's not, I get pictures like this one...

and these...


  1. Chi-
    We can't say "THANK YOU" enough for the time, talent and captured moments you take of our kids. You truly have found your calling and are GREAT at it!!! Thank you so much for these memories!!

  2. I cherish every session with your gorgeous babies! I can't wait until Easter pics!