Hippity Hoppity Happity Easter!

Easter is fast approaching and I'm booked with plenty of Easter sessions! Yesterday was an overcast day (and as my fellow photogs know, these are the BEST lighting days!). I had a session with the lovely children of three families. The morning was quite eventful! Lots of mommies and daddies trying to get smiles. Despite some moments of panic (C really did NOT like the live bunny), we got some great shots. I always enjoy taking pictures of L&B. They're my "regulars" :-)

I got to take some great shots of a very handsome young man who was looking a little bit Miami Vice. What a gorgeous kid! And his sister...I could have taken pictures of her ALL DAY LONG. The camera loved her stunning little face. Oddly, she wasn't quite as in love with me as I was with her...but we got some great pictures of her anyway!

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