Oh Lovely Ruby...

Your Auntie Chi will never get tired of taking your picture. Your mom and I joked when she was pregnant with you that you would be calling me "Aunt Camera Flash Face". I wonder if you will ever really know how lucky you are to have your Mommy and Daddy. I was driving yesterday and saw a man pushing a baby stroller...he was bent over cooing at his baby and smiling and laughing...and it melted my heart. Especially when I got close and saw that it was you and your Daddy. I always knew that my sissy (your Mommy) would be the most wonderful Mommy in the world but what I didn't know was that she would choose just the right Daddy for you. I know when you're older you won't remember this, but all he has to do is look at you and you smile the biggest smile. You even laugh when he coughs. You're smitten...and so is he. And it's the most amazing thing to see. So when you're a teenager and you think you're parents are HORRIBLE...remember how they loved you...from the moment they met you...with a fierceness you will never comprehend. You are one lucky little Ruby. Always remember there is no place like home. I love you.

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  1. These are so cute of Ruby!! She's a lucky girl to have a great aunt like you Chi! :) I love what you said about her.. so sweet