In a Perfect World...

In a Perfect World shoots never get rained out. You never have to take pictures inside or deal with lighting issues because the weather is always perfect. In a Perfect World kids are all so happy to have their pictures taken! They look straight at you for every shot and smile the perfect smile (not too big...not too small). BUT in the real world, that's not exactly the case. So despite downpour, fussy babies, sleeping babies, angry toddlers, and shy little girls, we pressed on with our shoot. Lucky for me my client LOVES black and whites (they are so much more forgiving with bad lighting!). Enjoy these adorable little faces!

and last but not least...my FAVORITE...THIS is what a family looks like. One bored.  One sleeping.  One flipping out.  One itchy.  One spitting up.  and One uncomfortable.

Love it.

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