I can't think another word to more accurately describe Stacee and Chad's wedding yesterday.  There are some days in your life when you stop for a minute...you take a look around...and you are overcome with how beautiful life really is.  I had several of those moments yesterday.  In these moments you realize that all we really have is each other.  We don't have fancy cars...or loads of money.  We don't have a great job or a giant house.  We don't take those things with us.  We don't carry them inside.  They aren't a part of our soul.  We have each other.  We have nothing more than the love that we give and receive.  What a beautiful thing that is.  I wouldn't trade it for all the money in the world.

Congratulations Stacee and Chad.  Not only do I feel absolutely blessed to have been able to be your photographer...but I feel grateful to be your friend.


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  1. Chi. the pictures are beautiful, Just like Stacee. Looking at these pictures beoming very emotional. I am not her mother, but a very close friend, first met her when the girls were in K in Staunton. They have remained very special friends all the way, all though we are miles apart our friendship is still growing and dealing with the distance. We LOVE YOU Stacee and Chad.. best wishes and many children LOVE THE KOEHNE'S