I'm One!!!

I love taking pictures of 1 year olds. They are so willing to put up with all the silly things you want them to wear and what you want them to do...they just go with the flow! This adorable girl was no exception. What a beautiful little thing she is! I was so excited that I got to use my new tutu and hat from Banana Split Boutique. That girl makes some AMAZING stuff! I also threw in a pair of baby legs! What a little model she was! I enjoyed this session so much. Her older sister had the face of an angel! I could have followed her around all day taking pictures. I was kicking myself for not bringing my big lens because when she thought I wasn't looking at her, she would give me a split second for a great shot. It would have helped if I could have been further away! Lesson learned...ALWAYS bring the big guns. Looking forward to editing this session and seeing what kind of treasures I find!!!

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