The best thing about taking pictures of these three is you never know what you're going to get!  Every time is a surprise :-)  Mom was quoted as saying today "You'd better be good or Chi will put something bad about you on her blog"  HAHA!!  I have to say, even the sessions that don't go JUST like we want, they are always good!  When you look back at your photographs do you want to see your children looking like perfect little angels?  All sitting the same, with the same fake smile?  Nope.  You want to see their PERSONALITIES!  You want to see them being goofy, or maybe even a little crabby!  Photographs will trigger your memories of your children when they were little.  And trust me, Mom is going to want to remember how "W" was eating the bubble wand.  She will want to remember that "H" brought along her "Mary Cheryl" that looks nothing like it did when she got it bright, shiny, and new when she was a baby.  She will want to remember that "A" refused to cooperate until being bribed with a Sprite.  We don't want to look back and wonder what our kids were doing or thinking when they were "posed" for photos...we want to see what they were doing and thinking in the photograph.  Loved these pics.  Love these kids.  Thanks again Mom for letting me capture them :-)

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