Hometown, USA

Every so often I am reminded of why I moved back here. When you are growing up in a small town, you swear the minute you graduate from high school, you are going to run far and fast to get away from your home town. That's what I did. I lived in different states. A big city. The west coast. Near the ocean. On a dirt road. I've lived in all of those places. But none of them ever felt like home. I've driven across the country trying to find "Home"...when all along it was right where I started. I didn't really plan on taking photos at the Homecoming Parade yesterday. I had my camera with me because I was rushing from one session and had about an hour in between for the next to start and promised my daughter I'd take her to the parade. I'm glad I had it. And I'm glad I finally made my way back Home.


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