Twice as Nice

I seriously could NOT decide what to post from this session. I loved them all. These girls are SO beautiful! They were tough to keep up with (especially "F") but well worth it! They both take after their drop dead gorgeous Momma! Loved this location too! All around just a great session!

I have to tell you...I had to include these because "F" was making the CUTEST faces!  Mommy called this "stank face" if I remember right.  She made this face so many times during our session...it's absolutely adorable!


  1. Chi, you are absolutely AMAZING! You were SOOOO wonderful with the girls... no wonder you got such great shots! You are a JOY to work with, as well as your "little" helpers (LOL), Chuck & Lily. I expected to be wowed by your work, and you, of course, totally lived up to my expectations. I can't wait to see the rest of the pics. Thank you for capturing such beautiful moments. You're THE BEST!

    ~Melanie Ureta Granger

  2. Great session, Melanie! The twins are getting so big! Some of those faces are priceless!!

    - Kevin